Gyms are Getting More and More Members

The fitness industry is one of the largest growing industries in the United States. Already a multi-billion dollar industry, it projects to continue growing for at least the next five years. People are putting a premium on their health and being in shape is popular again.

Baby boomers are going to the gym in droves. They are the largest demographic in terms of numbers and for years have been the key marketing demographic. The fact that they join gyms at a rapid pace is excellent news for the fitness industry. Baby boomers are fighting age and want to prolong their health. Personal trainers are in demand, and gym membership is going up yearly. This is great news for gyms as they try and create atmospheres and work out environments that create a comfort zone for first-time gym members.

Additionally, younger generations are going to the gym at higher rates as well. Being healthy and fit is important to the younger generations. They post their workout routines on social media, show who they are working out with and where. This is good for gyms because it provides free advertising, and they are gaining customers who have the potential to be customers for life. Like with baby boomers, membership just keeps on going up amongst younger generations and the fitness industry is booming because of it.

Swift Funds Financial Services is an account receivable management provider. They are the largest accounts receivable management providing serving the health and fitness industry and have been doing so for over 40 years.


Health and Fitness Is a Fast Growing Industry

The health and fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. People of all ages are now flocking to gyms in amounts that haven’t been seen before. It is becoming cool to go to the gym and to be in shape.

The rise of social media has something to do with this. People take pictures advertising themselves working out alone or with friends. Twitter is used daily by people to provide global news and personal updates. If one person sees their friends presence at a gym on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, that is encouragement enough for some people to go to the gym as well. This provides free advertisement for gyms and is great for business.

Additionally, more and more baby boomers are going to the gym as they age. Health and fitness have a new premium over baby boomers as they fight a losing battle against aging. Baby boomers have been the biggest target audience for most marketing campaigns and companies for decades now because they are the largest age group in terms of population. Baby boomers also tend to be an age group that follows each other.

If they see friends of theirs participating in one activity, they hop on board that bandwagon and join in. Having more baby boomers become members of local gyms is incredibly important for health and fitness industries growth.

 Swift Funds Financial Services is an account receivable management provider. They are the largest accounts receivable management provider serving the health and fitness industry and have been doing so for over 40 years.

Swift Funds Financial Services – Spurring More Memberships

Having established itself as the preferred accounts receivables management provider for businesses in the health and fitness industry, Swift Funds Financial Management knows that maintain excellent member relations are at the top of the list for most businesses. Thus, Swift Funds has come up with a comprehensive software solution that ensures businesses track member communications and stats in an accurate and professional manner.

Through the software, businesses can streamline their communication channels with clients. The team at Swift Funds Financial Services has made it easier for gym and fitness center employees to keep members informed on class schedules and other special events that will encourage them to participate and be more involved with the club. Through the members’ portal, the business can also collect accurate contact information that allows the club to reach out to new individuals through email marketing campaigns.

A good addition to Swift Funds Financial Services software is an ability for members to track their performance stats. People are often motivated to perform better if they can keep track of their activity. Available even on a tablet or smartphone, the stat-tracking feature makes it easier for members to stay committed to their fitness goals.

Through this multi-pronged approach to ensuring excellent member relations and motivation, Swift Funds Financial Services is paving the way for more returns to its client businesses. The company has been in the industry for more than 40 years, and knows that constant innovation is the key to thriving long-term.

Swift Funds Financial Services – Geared to Members’ Welfare

The primary goal for Swift Funds Financial Services is to help their client businesses be more profitable by handling aspects of their financial management. Specifically, Swift Funds focuses on accounts receivables management for their clients, many of whom are businesses that require memberships such as gyms and fitness centers. In addition, the experts at Swift have been able to break down the tasks involved into management of members, marketing, and financial management, thus coming up with an online app that takes care of all these operations in one location.

For gym owners looking to tap into the growing demand for health and fitness services, it is imperative to have Swift Funds Financial Services online app. The app has an online marketing tool that integrates data of existing and former club members and reaches out with targeted campaigns that make the business visible to people who are most likely to join. In addition, the members’ portal of the app has a scheduling feature that enables members to keep track of their classes and fitness appointments. Providing members access to such a calendar has proven to increase involvement and participation.

Swift Funds Financial Services software also keeps accurate data on members’ activities and personal information on a secure platform, all of which can be complied in different displays for authorized personnel to view upon request. Being able to draw up different statistics regarding the members’ involvement helps owners to provide better services and membership discounts.

Swift Funds Financial Services – Giving it a Try

If you are curious about trying one of the many helpful solutions that Swift Funds Financial Services has to offer but you are worried about committing to a complete package, they will be more than happy to set up a demo that you can try out and then make your own decisions upon. They are more than confident that you will love their product; and they would love for you to give them a try.


By giving Swift Funds Financial Services a try, you are experimenting with a whole new interface that could revolutionize the way you do your business. We know, we think it’s cool too. But you will see all the ways that they have simplified billing, marketing and other such functions that usually require departments and separate staffs to manage. Here, you can do it all with a few clicks of a button, and watch your business grow as your ability to multi-task just got a huge boost.


Swift Funds Financial Services wants you to try their product because they are confident that after giving it s shot you will most likely come back for the whole package. There is no pressure or no lengthy sales pitch; they let the product speak for itself. Their no-hassle guarantee allows you to try their product for thirty days without any kind of monetary or contractual agreement; and then come upon the decision to go with Swift Funds Financial Services is the right choice for you. They’re willing to bet it is, as well.

Swift Funds Financial Services – Member Involvement

Swift Funds Financial Services is dedicated to keeping your memberships as you expand and gain more. They strongly believe that member relations are at the top of the list on reasons why a gym, fitness club or other such membership-oriented business succeeds. Through a multi-pronged approach to keeping and gaining members, the comprehensive software and digital solutions offered by Swift and backed by their team of business experts will surely fit all of your membership needs.


Membership Communications

By having a streamlined process of member communications, Swift Funds Financial Services can help you communicate with and engage your employees in a way that keeps them informed on class schedules, appointments, specials and other such events that will boost their involvement and keep them committed to your club.


Marketing E-mails

By collecting data on member traits, the software by Swift Funds Financial Services is then able to reach out to new individuals and provide you with an aggressive e-mail marketing campaign to let others know about your business them and entice them to come check it out.


Tracking Member Stats

Not all of Swift Funds Financial Services’ software tools are focused on getting more people in the gym through enticement. There is also the self-regulation factor, where people motivate themselves by keeping track of their own activity. This is where the stat tracking option becomes handy to both the member and the owner, keeping both informed of membership activity and hinting when a reach-out phone call may be necessary in maintaining those customer relationships and involvement.

Data Collection

Swift Funds Financial Services is a financial services and consulting company that offers comprehensive solutions for a number of ordinary issues regarding the collection and reporting of data. Thanks to their creative solutions, client customers have benefited greatly from the help of Swift Financial, and many gyms, clubs and other such member-oriented businesses have been able to see what a difference it makes when the most pivotal information is distributed in such a clean and summarized manner.

Data Collection

The software that Swift Funds Financial Services provides keeps accurate and detailed information on member activity, employee activity, business finances and more. By compiling date from every single punch in, punch out, transaction, newly registered member, recently cancelled member, and other such small bits of data, the software can compile a number of different displays to show the owner, as well as employees and members, the statistics revolving around their own involvement in the club.

Data Reporting

After all of this data is collected, the software solution provided by Swift Funds Financial Services can present the data in a number of ways so that the user has an easy reference to the exact answers that he or she are looking for. By using percentages, graphs, charts and detailed breakdowns, the user is enabled to see how their own decisions can affect these results, which then enables him or her to improve upon those results. Data reporting is a very sensitive process, and Swift Financials software has been put to the test to ensure not a single detail ever goes missed.