Data Collection

Swift Funds Financial Services is a financial services and consulting company that offers comprehensive solutions for a number of ordinary issues regarding the collection and reporting of data. Thanks to their creative solutions, client customers have benefited greatly from the help of Swift Financial, and many gyms, clubs and other such member-oriented businesses have been able to see what a difference it makes when the most pivotal information is distributed in such a clean and summarized manner.

Data Collection

The software that Swift Funds Financial Services provides keeps accurate and detailed information on member activity, employee activity, business finances and more. By compiling date from every single punch in, punch out, transaction, newly registered member, recently cancelled member, and other such small bits of data, the software can compile a number of different displays to show the owner, as well as employees and members, the statistics revolving around their own involvement in the club.

Data Reporting

After all of this data is collected, the software solution provided by Swift Funds Financial Services can present the data in a number of ways so that the user has an easy reference to the exact answers that he or she are looking for. By using percentages, graphs, charts and detailed breakdowns, the user is enabled to see how their own decisions can affect these results, which then enables him or her to improve upon those results. Data reporting is a very sensitive process, and Swift Financials software has been put to the test to ensure not a single detail ever goes missed.