Swift Funds Financial Services – Geared to Members’ Welfare

The primary goal for Swift Funds Financial Services is to help their client businesses be more profitable by handling aspects of their financial management. Specifically, Swift Funds focuses on accounts receivables management for their clients, many of whom are businesses that require memberships such as gyms and fitness centers. In addition, the experts at Swift have been able to break down the tasks involved into management of members, marketing, and financial management, thus coming up with an online app that takes care of all these operations in one location.

For gym owners looking to tap into the growing demand for health and fitness services, it is imperative to have Swift Funds Financial Services online app. The app has an online marketing tool that integrates data of existing and former club members and reaches out with targeted campaigns that make the business visible to people who are most likely to join. In addition, the members’ portal of the app has a scheduling feature that enables members to keep track of their classes and fitness appointments. Providing members access to such a calendar has proven to increase involvement and participation.

Swift Funds Financial Services software also keeps accurate data on members’ activities and personal information on a secure platform, all of which can be complied in different displays for authorized personnel to view upon request. Being able to draw up different statistics regarding the members’ involvement helps owners to provide better services and membership discounts.