Health and Fitness Is a Fast Growing Industry

The health and fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. People of all ages are now flocking to gyms in amounts that haven’t been seen before. It is becoming cool to go to the gym and to be in shape.

The rise of social media has something to do with this. People take pictures advertising themselves working out alone or with friends. Twitter is used daily by people to provide global news and personal updates. If one person sees their friends presence at a gym on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, that is encouragement enough for some people to go to the gym as well. This provides free advertisement for gyms and is great for business.

Additionally, more and more baby boomers are going to the gym as they age. Health and fitness have a new premium over baby boomers as they fight a losing battle against aging. Baby boomers have been the biggest target audience for most marketing campaigns and companies for decades now because they are the largest age group in terms of population. Baby boomers also tend to be an age group that follows each other.

If they see friends of theirs participating in one activity, they hop on board that bandwagon and join in. Having more baby boomers become members of local gyms is incredibly important for health and fitness industries growth.

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