Swift Funds Financial Services – Member Involvement

Swift Funds Financial Services is dedicated to keeping your memberships as you expand and gain more. They strongly believe that member relations are at the top of the list on reasons why a gym, fitness club or other such membership-oriented business succeeds. Through a multi-pronged approach to keeping and gaining members, the comprehensive software and digital solutions offered by Swift and backed by their team of business experts will surely fit all of your membership needs.


Membership Communications

By having a streamlined process of member communications, Swift Funds Financial Services can help you communicate with and engage your employees in a way that keeps them informed on class schedules, appointments, specials and other such events that will boost their involvement and keep them committed to your club.


Marketing E-mails

By collecting data on member traits, the software by Swift Funds Financial Services is then able to reach out to new individuals and provide you with an aggressive e-mail marketing campaign to let others know about your business them and entice them to come check it out.


Tracking Member Stats

Not all of Swift Funds Financial Services’ software tools are focused on getting more people in the gym through enticement. There is also the self-regulation factor, where people motivate themselves by keeping track of their own activity. This is where the stat tracking option becomes handy to both the member and the owner, keeping both informed of membership activity and hinting when a reach-out phone call may be necessary in maintaining those customer relationships and involvement.