Gyms are Getting More and More Members

The fitness industry is one of the largest growing industries in the United States. Already a multi-billion dollar industry, it projects to continue growing for at least the next five years. People are putting a premium on their health and being in shape is popular again.

Baby boomers are going to the gym in droves. They are the largest demographic in terms of numbers and for years have been the key marketing demographic. The fact that they join gyms at a rapid pace is excellent news for the fitness industry. Baby boomers are fighting age and want to prolong their health. Personal trainers are in demand, and gym membership is going up yearly. This is great news for gyms as they try and create atmospheres and work out environments that create a comfort zone for first-time gym members.

Additionally, younger generations are going to the gym at higher rates as well. Being healthy and fit is important to the younger generations. They post their workout routines on social media, show who they are working out with and where. This is good for gyms because it provides free advertising, and they are gaining customers who have the potential to be customers for life. Like with baby boomers, membership just keeps on going up amongst younger generations and the fitness industry is booming because of it.

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